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The goal of this project is to test the Cryologger, an open-source datalogger and telemeter comprised of low-cost, off the shelf components, in order to determine if is capable of supporting the physical measurement needs of a variety of cryospheric scientific applications in the Canadian Arctic.

Last summer, during Leg 3 of the 2018 CCGS Amundsen Expedition, six Cryologgers configured as tracking beacons were successfully deployed by helicopter on icebergs and ice islands along the coasts of Ellesmere Island and Baffin Island.

As of January 1, 2019, all six Cryologgers have achieved over 125 days of continuous operation, transmitting a total of more than 3000 messages via the Iridium satellite network and travelling a combined distance of over 1500 km.

These intial results have demonstrated that it is feasible to design and build a low-cost data logging and telemetry system capable of withstanding the harsh conditions of remote polar regions.

Development of the Cryologger is being conducted by Adam Garbo, a Research Associate in the Water and Ice Research Laboratory (WIRL) at Carleton Unviersity, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Work on the next version of the Cryologger is currently underway.


Have a question about the Cryologger? Feel free to contact me!

More detailed project information, including code and schematics, can be found on GitHub:

Also check out the Water and Ice Research Laboratory (WIRL)!